For all your winter gifting needs.

by Natalie B. Compton | November 13, 2017
The onslaught of holiday parties and dinners are upon us, meaning it’s time to get your host gift-giving on. Don’t be the guy handing over a rando bottle of wine you found in the back of your pantry, or a six-pack of Modelo that someone you don’t even know brought to your last house party. Instead, take a page from bar expert extraordinaire Sother Teague’s book and present your host or hostess with a bottle of something more conversation-worthy.

“I’ll be hitting a few thanksgiving dinners this year and I’d be a lousy guest if I showed up empty handed,” says Teague, author of the forthcoming cocktail book I’m Just Here For The Drinks as well as the man behind New York bars Amor y Amargo and Coup. “Though I’m a trained chef, my current life as bartender and bar operator mean I’ll have no time to contribute to the offerings at the table—bars are bustling around Thanksgiving,” Teague explains. This is where the booze comes in.

We asked Teague to break down five of his fan-favorite booze bottles to gift your host. “As I’ve got access to loads of spirits that my dining companions may not, I like to bring them new things to try and learn about,” Teague said. “Plus, this guarantees a jumping off point for conversation as well as insuring that there isn’t just a glut of whiskey on hand.” In order of how he’d drink them, here are his picks—bring one to your next holiday party to impress everyone with your impeccable taste.

Novo Fogo Barrel Aged Cachaça

“Recorded to have been made as early as 1532, Cachaça is commonly referred to as the predecessor of rum. Brazil, where it’s made, leads the world in consumption at 1.5 billion liters annually, but America is quickly catching on. No longer relegated to the humble caipirinha, cachaça is finding its way into more sophisticated cocktails. With its flavors of cinnamon spiked banana bread and hints of mocha, the barrel aged expression from Novo Fogo is particularly suited to holiday sipping. Try it on the rocks or in an Old Fashioned.”

6 Giftable Bottles of Booze That Are Far More Impressive Than a Six-Pack
GQ, November 13, 2017