When it seems to rain every day (depending on where you live), it’s hard to muster up a real spring-has-sprung feeling. Sure, all that rainy, foggy, cloudy weather will soon give way to the sunny, everything-is-in-bloom days of late spring and early summer, but it’s natural to be a little restless this time of year. Everything seems to be building toward barbecues and swimming holes and the days can’t tick by fast enough.

The best way to get excited for spring is to sip on spirits and cocktails that will whisper to you about the sunshine-fueled months to come. With May in sight, we asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us what spirits they pour to kick start that spring feeling and prepare themselves for the dog days.

Check their answers below and let us know which spirits remind you of spring in the comments.

Novo Fogo Cachaça

Maggie D’Andrea, bartender at Hot Tin in Nashville

“Cachaça reminds me most of spring. With its clean, grassy and herbaceous flavor profile, a Cachaça cocktail can invigorate your senses much like the season can bring forth new ideas and experiences. I use Novo Fogo because I like to support companies that honor an organic and holistic approach to practices and methods of production.”

Bartenders Tell Us The One Spirit That Gives Them That Spring Feeling
UPROXX | 04.24.19