by Christopher Osburn | October 25, 2017

Lets face it, we’ve been pretty lucky in the weather department this fall. Temperatures in October have been summer-like for most of the country. But, it won’t last. Temperatures are going to dip back to where they are expected for this time of year soon. Some weather forecasters are predicting it to happen as early as this week.

Have no fear. You probably already wore out those tank-tops and board shorts anyway. It’s time for long pants, flannel shirts, and sweaters. And with water attire and cold weather comes fall beersStarbucks new cups, and the need for a warm cup of tea, piping hot coffee, and hot cocktails. We asked bartenders across the country to tell us some of their favorite hot cocktails. From the classic Hot Toddy to the Irish coffee, they’ve got you covered like a warm blanket in front of a crackling fire.

Mulled Wine

Pamela Wiznitzer, creative director at Seamstress NYC

“My favorite hot cocktail is either a mulled cider or a mulled wine. With either one, I like to add a splash of rum to give it some backbone. Instead of a traditional rum, I like something with more funk and body and reach for an aged cachaca like Novo Fogo Barrel Aged to give the drink a nice kick!!”

Bartenders Tell Us Their Favorite Hot Cocktails For Fall
Uproxx, October 25, 2017