Brazil produces and consumes a lot of cachaça. But contrary to the popular perception that most of the national spirit is consumed in its silver, unaged form, typically destined for Caipirinhas, the majority of cachaças that Brazilians sip are barrel-aged. It is in that tradition that we specialize in aging cachaças in American oak barrels, which is by far the most beloved wood in Brazil for barrel-aging cachaça. Although our various barrel-aged cachaças are delicious in cocktails, there is also something undeniably enjoyable about sipping them straight. This is the way that Novo Fogo’s master distiller, Dr. Agenor Maccari, Jr., can usually be found sipping cachaça.

And if there is a beverage that Agenor loves nearly as much as cachaça, it’s craft beer. Sipped side-by-side, beer and barrel-aged cachaça form a sublime pairing, and the possibilities for the Brazilian boilermaker are endless. We asked some of our friends around the United States to share with us their own combinations of Novo Fogo aged cachaças paired with beer. When you’re in the mood to enjoy the pure flavors of organic barrel-aged cachaça punctuated with sips of a frosty beer, what duo will you choose?

Jesse Card | Bit House Saloon | Portland, OR

Boilermaker: Novo Fogo Single Barrel 194 and Boneyard IPA

“The banana and spiced wood notes of barrel aged Novo Fogo pairs exceptionally well with a hoppy Pacific Northwest IPA. Together you get the subtle vanilla and citrus that lay just outside the palate when drinking only one or the other. It makes good beer taste better and launches the cachaça into a totally different realm.”

Tommy Klus and Anna Moss | La Moule | Portland, OR

Boilermaker: Novo Fogo Chameleon Cachaça and Tripel Karmeliet

Andrew Niemeyer | Extra Virgin | Kansas City, MO

Boilermaker: Novo Fogo Tanager and Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin Pale Ale

Nick Elezovic | Diamond Dogs | Brooklyn, NY

Boilermaker: Novo Fogo Barrel-Aged Cachaça and Kelso Nut Brown Lager

Chris Elford | No Anchor | Seattle, WA

Boilermaker: Novo Fogo Chameleon and Duchesse de Bourgogne sour ale

“We paired Chameleon with the classic sour ale Duchesse de Bourgogne as a nod to the classic Batida cocktail. The sour bite and dark fruit notes of Duchesse match the intensity of the cachaça without overpowering it.  The funky flavors of Chameleon play with the funkiness of the beer, and both have light vanilla barrel notes that really sing together.”

Photo credits: 

Greg Buda
Brandon Cummins
Will Ray