Our first celebration of the non-alc space follows our southern Brazilian roots, where mate tea is a recognized cultural symbol and part of everyday life. We developed the tropical drinks with SOFI TUKKER and named them ENERGIA, after their hit song of the same name. Drink ENERGIA directly from the can or mix them with DRINKEE Passion Fruit Cachaça for a Brazilian rainforest highball, because what grows together, goes together.

Non-alcoholic and sparkling
42-71 mg of naturally-occurring caffeine from tea


Brazilian mate, vanilla, cane sugar
15 calories | 4 g carbs per can


Brazilian mate, passion fruit, ginger, cane sugar
30 calories | 7 g carbs per can

Novo Fogo and SOFI TUKKER designed the ENERGIA mate teas to extend the inclusive nature of Novo Fogo’s product offering. As organic, all-natural plant elixirs that evoke the convivial mate tea culture of southern Brazil, the ENERGIA drinks were created for healthy people who like to have a good time.

“I love to be in environments where people are enjoying all kinds of drinks. Even though I’m not drinking alcohol, I’m still at the party, having the time of my life. I’d like everyone to feel welcome, whether they enjoy alcohol or not, to stay up and be themselves while dancing with us.”
– Sophie Hawley-Weld