Tuesday, July 25th at 4PM
The Orleans Room at the Hyatt Centric Hotel
800 Iberville St, New Orleans, LA

Bob’s Dance Shop are world-class vibe curators and Novo Fogo is bringing them to Tales to dance with you! Self-proclaimed “joy activists,” the dance group’s legendary “Flash Bobs” spread fun and inclusivity for all who participate – and also for the lucky public bystanders who witness the spectacle!

ABOUT: This once-in-a-lifetime experience includes two things:

  1. Bob’s 2-hour dance workshop with the Bobettes. This includes the check-in, the warm up, soul train, and the dance tutorial.
  2. A Flash Bob surprise performance to take place immediately following the tutorial.

CLASS: This is a beginner dance routine designed for all skill levels, 0-100. If you have two left feet, even better!

LOCATION: We are meeting at 4PM at the Orleans Room at the Hyatt Centric Hotel, 800 Iberville St, New Orleans, LA.

BRING: A water bottle to stay hydrated.

WARDROBE: Dress to express! Any and all fashions are welcome!

OUR ASK: Be the vibe you wish to be. Respect the space and respect each other. Let loose and set your spirit free!

TIMELINE: The instructional will last for 2 hours, from 4PM to 6PM. At the end of class, we will walk to the Flash Bob location and get set up. The Flash Bob will happen at random between 6PM and 6:30PM somewhere in the French Quarter.

FAQ #1: Q: “Can I come watch but not dance?”
A: Unfortunately, this ruins the surprise of a Flash Bob. Only come if you plan to be a part of the dance!

FAQ #2: Q: “Where will the actual flash mob take place if our friends want to watch?”
A: For the same reason above, we don’t give out the location except to those participating. This prevents herds of people standing around with their phones out, waiting with anticipation.

Space is limited. Each participant must fill out the form below in order to request your spot on the guest list. A confirmation that you are on the guest list will be sent to you by email. Submitting the form below does not guarantee entry. If the guest list fills up and you’re not on it, we’re sorrier than a Brazilian Caipirinha without the cachaça. You’ll be added to the wait list and informed by email. Obrigado!