by Steve Bramucci & Zach Johnston | December 18, 2017

You know what makes for a surefire winner under the Christmas tree? A great bottle of fancy booze, that’s what. It shows you thought long and hard about the gift receiver and then decided, “Imma help them get a buzz on.”

As Christmas nears, we’ve compiled a shortlist of some of our flat-out favorite bottles. These are the bottles of liquor that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, while taking the edge off the family-overload at the same time. Any one of these bottles will be the best money you spend during the whole holiday season.


Novo Fogo is the world’s leading zero-waste distillery. They make some of the best cachaça you’ll find on the US market. Their Colibri (hummingbird) aged spirit is a vanilla and cinnamon forward drink that’s been aged in upcycled American oak and Brazilian teak.

This is a special bottle of Brazilian rum that’ll delight any booze lover.

Prices start at $34.99

Give The Gift Of Booze With These Great Bottles This Year
Uproxx, December 18, 2017