by Thijs Klaverstijn | January 4, 2019A new year inspires resolutions for bettering oneself. Not only is it important to consider what we eat, but also what we drink. With that in mind, we thought we’d share some spirits brands that are creating sustainable spirits. Whether it’s reducing emissions, re-using waste ingredients, adhering to organic principles or straight up philanthropy, the following brands all take an environmentally mindful approach in their production processes.


When your distillery is located right near the Atlantic Rainforest—one of the world’s most important and endangered rainforests—you better find a way to live within the ecosystem. That’s exactly what Novo Fogo, a cachaça producer in Brazil, has done. The brand’s hypermodern facility only uses organic sugarcane, while producing zero waste.

But just existing and not exacerbating the problem is not enough. The Atlantic Rainforest has already lost 85 percent of its land mass. With this in mind, Novo Fogo started a reforestation project, The Un-Endangered Forest. So far 690 native and endangered trees have been planted, while 88 species of birds have been registered using those trees.

Distiller | January 4, 2019