Our first celebration of the non-alc space follows our southern Brazilian roots, where mate tea is a recognized cultural symbol and part of everyday life. We developed the tropical drinks with SOFI TUKKER and named them ENERGIA, after their hit song of the same name. Drink ENERGIA directly from the can or mix them with DRINKEE Passion Fruit Cachaça for a Brazilian rainforest highball, because what grows together, goes together.

Non-alcoholic and sparkling
42-71 mg of naturally-occurring caffeine from tea


Brazilian mate, vanilla, cane sugar
15 calories | 4 g carbs per can


Brazilian mate, passion fruit, ginger, cane sugar
30 calories | 7 g carbs per can

Novo Fogo and SOFI TUKKER designed the ENERGIA mate teas to extend the inclusive nature of Novo Fogo’s product offering. As organic, all-natural plant elixirs that evoke the convivial mate tea culture of southern Brazil, the ENERGIA drinks were created for healthy people who like to have a good time.

“I love to be in environments where people are enjoying all kinds of drinks. Even though I’m not drinking alcohol, I’m still at the party, having the time of my life. I’d like everyone to feel welcome, whether they enjoy alcohol or not, to stay up and be themselves while dancing with us.”
– Sophie Hawley-Weld


Novo Fogo Passion Fruit Cachaça

Passion Fruit Cachaça


From the minds of the multi-Grammy nominated dance music superstars SOFI TUKKER comes this organic, forest-friendly sugarcane spirit. To create it, we infused our Silver Cachaça with passion fruit, orange peel, vanilla, pure cane sugar, and oak from our barrels, creating a harmony of beloved Brazilian flavors.

750 ml | 40% ABV

Our Passion Fruit Cachaça is a collaborative product developed by SOFI TUKKER and the Novo Fogo distillery team in Morretes, Brazil. Our ambition was to share the beloved flavors of Brazil in a bottled spirit that drops a beat of fresh tropical flavor into any cocktail. We made it with passion for music and cachaça. Now take this love and spread it around!

“I am beyond proud of where this product ended up. It feels surreal to have been in the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil testing the different ingredient combinations to make the perfect passion fruit cachaça. It truly tastes the way our song ‘Drinkee’ sounds, and the way Brazil makes us feel. So excited for everyone to try it!” – Tucker Halpern


  • 2 oz Novo Fogo Passion Fruit Cachaça
  • 1.25 tbsp sugar
  • One lime, sliced in half then into quarters

Muddle lime and sugar together. Add ice and cachaça and shake well. Transfer everything into a rocks glass.


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Sofi Tukker shaking drinks with Novo Fogo Cachaça


Multi-Grammy-nominated tropical dance music superstars SOFI TUKKER are co-owners and global brand ambassadors for Novo Fogo!

SOFI TUKKER’s eponymous duo Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern share the joy of Novo Fogo with the global joy storm of music-lovers known as “The Freak Fam” – and each of you!

The partnership draws inspiration from Sophie’s time spent living in Rio de Janeiro, Tucker’s passion for sports, and their joint appreciation of Brazilian music, language, culture, energy, and human and environmental diversity.

As our family is growing, we want to share with the world the amazing positive energy that comes from blending integrity with joy. We hope you can join us!

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“What’s amazing about Novo Fogo is that it’s about so much more than cachaça and spirits. They are a powerful rainforest preservation steward, and we’re so excited to be enthusiastic participants in their reforestation project, The Un-Endangered Forest.” – Sophie

“We are so excited to announce our partnership with Novo Fogo. We have a lot in common. We share a love of Brazil, and we share core values of fun and environmentalism. Cachaça is my favorite drink, and we’re excited to help introduce this classic Brazilian spirit to more people around the world.” – Tucker