by DILLON MAFIT | 5/2/2018

For the uninitiated, a Caipirinha is one of the easiest, most refreshing cocktails that you can make (if you are already associated with the cocktail, you’re ahead of the game). The boozy mascot of Brazil, Caipirinhas are made with Brazil’s sugar cane spirit, cachaça, along with fresh, muddled lime and a touch of sugar. While the cocktail is extremely simple to make, the cachaça you use as the base will dramatically alter the flavor. From light and fruity cachaças to more savory cachaças, here are five of the best to use in a Caipirinha. Your summer cocktail game just got an upgrade…

For a Savory Caipirinha: Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça $30

This cachaça is the perfect example of how broad the flavor spectrum of cachaças can be. In a Caipirinha, the spirit lends flavors that range from tropical fruitiness to earthy, mushroomy savoriness. There are notes of banana, guava, pineapple, mamey, braised tofu, sauteed asparagus and black truffles. You can even taste the soil in which the sugar cane was grown. When combined with the bright acidity from the lime, this spirit makes for a complex, layered cocktail that is downright crushable—especially on a hot day or with barbeque.

The 5 Best Cachaças for a Caipirinha
Supercall | 5/2/2018