By KAT THOMPSON | Published On 05/24/2019

Nothing says summer like lazy days camped out in the sun with an ice cold drink in one hand and a book in the other. But the process of taking out a cocktail shaker, blender, or even all the right glasses to make a drink really hinders the vision of a (literally) effortless day. Bitters, herbs, and fruit peels take time to prepare, and the fresh citrus juice needed for good margaritas can turn a fun day outside into a second degree burn. Sure, you can head to a dimly lit bar or a rooftop, but that requires effort and leaving the comfort of wherever you are.

This is why the invention of ready-to-drink cocktails is so appealing: you get the booze you want with the crack of a can, no additional steps necessary. Not only that, but drinks are portable: perfect for picnics, beach days, and concerts in the park — all the quintessential summer activities. To help you further enjoy your summer plans, we found the seven best canned cocktails you need to stock your fridge or cooler with ASAP.

Novo Fogo’s Sparkling Passion Fruit and Lime Caipirinha

The caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail, ideal for those with a sweet tooth and prefer a more sugary drink. After all, it’s made with Brazil’s national spirit, cachaça, which is distilled from fermented sugar cane juice, and includes lime juice and sugar. The passion fruit and lime in this canned version add a little bit of tartness to balance out all the sweet, and the bubbles make for a crisp beverage. If passion fruit isn’t your thing, there’s also a mango flavor, as well as original, which features notes of lime. The new flavors, passion fruit and mango, are launching in June, so keep your eyes peeled.

The 7 Best Canned Cocktails Money Can Buy
Thrillist | May 24, 2019