From sparkling caipirinhas to crisp soju, these canned drinks are easy to travel with.

BY MICHELLE TCHEA | April 1, 2021

Wine snobs may scoff at the thought of sipping their favorite varietal from a can, but when you’re spending a day exploring, say conquering a long hike or sunning at the beach, canned cocktails and single-serve wines are the most convenient boozy refreshments—no bottle openers or travel mugs needed. They work just as well for afternoons in your nearest park, too: I’ve packed more than my fair share of picnics over the years, and rather than lugging a hefty bottle of Bordeaux Cab Sav in my backpack or risking a broken bottle of vintage bubbly Brut, I have grown to love bringing along canned beverages instead.

With simple outdoor activities still part of many travelers’ warm weather plans, these canned wines and cocktails—from Brazilian-inspired caipirinhas to Japanese sake—are more handy than ever. Read on for our favorite canned drinks to bring on your next excursion.

Novo Fogo Sparkling Caipirinha

I can close my eyes and imagine Sugarloaf Mountain to my right and the sounds of waves crashing on Ipanema Beach as I sip Novo Fogo’s Sparkling Caipirinha and dream of another holiday in South America. Made with organic cachaça, the fresh lime flavor brings the drink to life and outdoes any novice bartender version I could attempt at home. The effervescence may not be authentic in a typical Brazilian caipirinha, but it makes for a great summer drink reminiscent of summer in Rio.

The Best Canned Cocktails and Wines for Picnics, Beach Days, and More
Condé Nast Traveler | April 1, 2021