Go green in style with these eco-conscious bottles of vodka, tequila, rum, gin and mezcal.


So you consider yourself pretty eco-conscious—you frequent the farmer’s market, your recycling game is on point, and you shop locally. But what about what you’re drinking? That bottom-shelf stuff may quench happy hour cravings, but perhaps it’s time to put something greener in your glass—and no, we don’t mean Chartreuse.

In 2020, it’s surprisingly easy to drink sustainably. Bartenders across the country are redirecting their bar programs to embrace conscious cocktailing, and booze brands are following the trend. There are vodkas made from cheesemaker’s leftovers, and distilleries fueled by pedaling bikes. There are rums helping to rebuild the rainforest, and mezcals funding human rights campaigns.


It’s fairly easy to recognize if food is organic and a wine natural, but what makes a spirit sustainable? Is it the quality and sourcing of the raw ingredients? Is it the brand’s philanthropic efforts? Is it the brand’s energy sources, or whether it hires from the local community?

Ideally, it’s a combination of all: the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) recently set a standard for identifying sustainable spirits, awarding brands that partake in recycling and repurposing efforts (recycling casks, skipping single-use plastics, and use alternative energy sources), hire locally, and source ingredients consciously.

Spirits producers must have an energy-efficient production process, and use a local supply chain to reduce its carbon footprint. Bonus points if the brand funds community initiatives and puts a focus on employee holistic well-being.

So add a little green to your glass this Earth Day with the following feel-good bottles:


Deep in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest is Novo Fogo’s carbon-negative, zero-waste cachaca distillery. The building sits on a slope, allowing the liquid to flow naturally through the distillation process, and a heat transfer process keeps energy use to a minimum. The brand has invested heavily in Brazilian reforestation efforts to preserve and restore the native trees that surround the 100% organic distillery. To mirror the sustainable production efforts, the brand runs a shot of health & wellness programs for brands and consumers across the world. Did we mention it’s also the base for a very solid caipirinha? $36.99

Go green in style with these eco-conscious bottles of vodka, tequila, rum, gin and mezcal.
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