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We teamed up with Seattle pro goalkeeper and four-time champion Stefan Frei, now a Novo Fogo partner, to create a program that promotes rainforest conservation through cocktails, soccer, and art.

Shots saved in the 2021 season
To the Un-Endangered Forest project in 2021
Shots saved in the 2022 season
To the Un-Endangered Forest project in 2022
Stefan Frei with custom cachaça products

The TREE-KEEPER™ program supports Novo Fogo’s reforestation project named The Un-Endangered Forest, which seeks to remove 36 species of native Brazilian trees from the threatened list. For each save recorded by Frei or his replacements, Novo Fogo will contribute $100 to The Un-Endangered Forest project.

Off the soccer field, Frei is an artist and an appreciator of Brazil’s national cocktail, so we set to raise awareness for the TREE-KEEPER™ project by developing a custom packaging series for two Novo Fogo caipirinha products. Frei developed original artwork based on the inspiring landscapes and community of Morretes, Novo Fogo’s home base in the Atlantic Forest of coastal Brazil; his colorful artwork acts as a mural of natural scenery, wrapped around the packaging boxes for two products:

The Novo Fogo Tree-Keeper Products

Sparkling Caipirinha Ready-To-Drink Cocktails

The Sparkling Caipirinha Tropical Variety 6-pack (SRP $14.99)

Includes “toucans” (two cans) of each of the Lime, Mango, and Passion Fruit flavored cocktails

(8.2% – 8.5% ABV | 128 – 135 calories | 10 – 11 g of carbs).

Tree Keeper Brazilian Cocktail Kit

The Brazilian Caipirinha Kit

(SRP $29.99)

Includes a Novo Fogo Silver 750ml bottle, certified 100% organic by the USDA, two custom 10-oz jars, and a custom muddler, plus recipes and stories.

About the Tree-Keeper Products

Both products are 100% natural and made in Seattle with cachaça from Brazil. This intersection is meaningful to Frei as he says, “Our company has homes on two continents, in two regions of the world that are leaders in environmental stewardship and are filled with soccer culture: the Pacific Northwest of the USA and the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Although the packaging mural is mostly a reflection of the Brazilian jungle life and soccer imagery, I hid a few icons in there that Northwesterners will enjoy discovering.”

Both the products and the program are a reflection of Novo Fogo’s pursuit to combine Brazilian tradition with modern drinking trends in the USA. “We’ve welcomed Stefan as a partner in the business,” says Dragos Axinte, CEO of Novo Fogo. “Because of his great saves, his leadership acumen on and off the pitch, artistic talents, love for caipirinhas, and especially like so many others, he is an immigrant who has brought human excellence into his new community. In this world that keeps shrinking, intersecting perspectives and finding our common voice is the path to fulfillment.”

The TREE-KEEPER™ initiative is a program without an end date. We hope to recruit other professional athletes and personalities to increase environmental stewardship. “The more saves, the better,” says Axinte, a lifelong soccer fan. “But you don’t have to be a goalkeeper to participate. Everyone can be a Tree-Keeper and save the forest.”