by Carri Wilbanks | December 21, 2017

Lets face it, Christmas parties are way more fun when someone shows up wanting to be the life of the party. And we just so happened to put together a list of essentials that will help you stand out at this years party. From what to wear to what to give as a hostess gift, we have you covered with ideas. And all are packable, (or can easily be sent to your destination) so rest assured you won’t need to figure out how to get it there.

3. Cocktail Cans

Canned cocktails aren’t something you regularly see at parties, which is why we are huge fans of this easy way to class up a party. Check out this diverse selection of cocktail cans: they’re gorgeous, ready-to-drink cocktails. To add a little Brazilian spice, check out the Novo Fogo Sparkling Caipirinha ($3.99 per can). The first of its kind in a can, it is made from organic products and is fresh, natural, flavorful and carbonated, which makes it very easy to enjoy and looks festive when poured into a champagne flute…

What to Pack to Be the Life of the Party
Money Inc, December 21, 2017