Where to Eat, Drink and Think Fall 2017

by Jason Horn | September 28, 2017

Even if there’s not a chill in the air yet, fall is already here. From the annual rollout of (and backlash against) pumpkin-spice everything to weekends being taken over by football, summer is now officially over. And with the new season come all sorts of new opportunities for lovers of food and drink. Here are the most important new bars, restaurants, spirits and cookbooks you should check out this season.


Novo Fogo Colibri Cachaça ($35)…

Whether it’s whiskey, wine, brandy or beer, if you’re going to be aging booze in barrels, they’re almost always made of oak. Except, that is, in Brazil, where there are dozens of varieties of native wood used to age cachaça, the relative of rum that’s the national spirit of the country (not to mention the base of its famous Caipirinha cocktail)… Novo Fogo Colibri moves back and forth between traditional oak and casks made from Brazilian teak, also known as amburana, giving it both tropical-fruit and roasted-toffee notes.

Where to Eat, Drink and Think Fall 2017
Daily Beast, September 28, 2017