May 9, 2017 by ERIN CULLUM

Novo Fogo Sparkling Caipirinha Cocktails

“There’s been a lovely little trend happening in the cocktail world, and I have to say I’m totally on board: premium canned cocktails like Slow & Low and Cutwater Spirits. Now we can add one more to that category with Novo Fogo’s Caipirinha ($4). Novo Fogo has been known for making a delicious and organic cachaça, the national spirit of Brazil that’s similar to but slightly more complex than a rum. They’ve now figured out how to bottle it into a refreshing carbonated cocktail that’s perfect for a beachside bonfire or Summer camping trip. If you’ve never had the chance to try a caipirinha, but love the taste of mojitos, it’s similar, but in my opinion even better!” — NI

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