No Anchor’s Chris Elford pairing Novo Fogo Chameleon cachaça and Duchesse de Bourgogne sour ale.

BY: AJ RATHBUN | March 30, 2017

Novo Fogo Chameleon Cachaça and Duchesse de Bourgogne Sour Ale, No Anchor: It’s not a surprise that this still-new (but already beloved) Belltown spot has a memorable pairing; the bar has quickly become known for its interesting beer choices, and small-but-curated spirits list. Bartender/owner Chris Elford said about this one, “The sour bite and dark fruit notes of Duchesse match the intensity of the cachaça without overpowering it. The funky flavors of Chameleon play with the funkiness of the beer, and both have light vanilla barrel notes that really sing together.”

Local and Inventive Shot-and-a-Beer Pairings
Seattle Magazine, March 30, 2017