With two growing sales partnerships in the U.S., the fire for Novo Fogo cachaça is spreading fast! We are delighted to announce our partnerships with Salisbury Creative Group and Crafted Cask to provide expanded service across the country.

Salisbury Creative Group is driven by Ben Salisbury in Plano, TX, and Karen Trzcinka in Tampa, FL, who together have over forty years of experience in the beverage industry. Ben and Karen are managing and expanding Novo Fogo’s relationships with national restaurant and bar accounts. Their rich understanding of the wine and spirits landscape and their extensive network of national hospitality companies are supporting Novo Fogo’s broad growth in some of America’s most formidable restaurants, bars, hotels, and more.

Crafted Cask is spearheaded by Rachel Dorcy in San Francisco, CA. Rachel has experience growing brands and sales volumes alike for a variety of wine and spirits companies. With a strong personal network in the Bay Area and beyond, Rachel brings a genuine, relational approach to serving her clients and customers alike.

We are looking forward to developing our partnerships with Ben, Karen, and Rachel. By collaborating with these energetic, savvy folks, Novo Fogo can more fully realize our basic yet ambitious goal to share the joys of artisanal, organic cachaça with an even larger audience in North America.

Please reach out to them (their email addresses are linked below) if they can help you get to know Novo Fogo Cachaças better!

Rachel Dorcy

Ben Salisbury

Karen Trzcinka


What is your favorite cocktail with a Novo Fogo Cachaça?

Rachel: I’m a sucker for a Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça Negroni on the rocks, but I’m also a purist and like to sip on the Chameleon or any of the Single Barrels neat or over a big cube if it’s a warm night.

Ben: I’m very much a purist so, for me, it’s a Caipirinha made with Silver Cachaça served outdoors on a steamy hot day.

Karen: Right now, I am loving the Sparkling Caipirinha in the can! After a long day, it is perfect over ice with a lime wheel on the patio!

What sort of activities, hobbies, or practices bring balance to your life?

Rachel: I meditate everyday either in the morning or before I go to bed in the evening, but nature and specifically water bring me balance. I’ve been surrounded by water my whole life. Swimming, kayaking, snorkeling (and I’m learning to scuba!), anything that puts me in the weightlessness, calmness and stillness where I can let go of everything around me. I’m also an avid reader and I’ve been reading a lot of South American and Central American History lately. And travel, let’s not forget travel. I have restless feet. Often, I let them choose the destination and the rest of me follows.

Ben: I love to ride my motorcycle. It’s a total mini-escape for me. No phone, no computer, just alone with my thoughts.

Karen: Gardening is my Zen time, not that I am all that good at it, but it lets my mind wander and I don’t have to focus on anything at all. But I also really like to meet new people and just chill with friends over drinks.

If you could be transported to an imaginary, time-and-space-traveling cocktail bar to have cocktails with any person, living or dead, for an evening, who would that be and why?

Rachel: This is a tough one! I think I would like to have cocktails with my maternal Grandmother. She passed away when I was too young to appreciate her stories of growing up in War-era France and losing her family fortune. I’ve been told I’m a carbon copy of her and her views on life, so I would like to see if she is proud of who I’ve become. But if I can invite several people, I’d invite my mentors Michele and Norbert who owned the French Restaurant in Port Angeles where I grew up. I would travel back to 1950’s Paris when they met and live the stories they told me when I was in my teens. They pushed me to become the woman and person I am today both professionally and personally I would love to see what shaped them. And to see Paris in the 1950’s!

Ben: This one is easy: fall in New York City, circa 1776, drinking rum (standing up) with Alexander Hamilton right before the British run us all out of town. I love American history and A.H. was a fascinating man.

Karen: With my family. There are so many people I would love to talk with, but in the end I love spending time with my family, especially my nieces! They are quirky, funny and view things so differently….and are getting to an age where they are okay with being seen with me again.