By NICKOLAUS HINES | 5/21/2018

Summertime means two things: Good drinks when the sun is out and beach trips. The two rarely collide unless you’re a die hard fan of cheap six-packs of mass produced lager. Which if you are, fine, continue to live your best life. But for the rest of us, an upgrade on beach drinks is in order. From other canned beverages to big batch cocktails to liquor so good you can sip it straight, these are the best beach drinks for when you want more than whatever sixer you found at the bodega.

Canned Caipirinhas

When you go to a beach that doesn’t allow glass, you’re normally left with two options: beer or break the rules. Time to add canned Caipirinhas to that list. Novo Fogo makes a sparkling canned version of Brazil’s national cocktail and it’ll make you feel like you’re on the beach in Rio even if you’re in Maine. They’re light, fizzy and so good that you probably won’t even mind if you get a little sand in your drink.

The Best Beach Drinks That Aren’t a Six Pack of Beer
Supercall | May 21, 2018