by Sam Slaughter | October 31, 2017

Halloween is one of the best holidays. While you can’t go trick-or-treating anymore, and won’t be getting a sugar rush so intense that you start to taste colors, it will still be okay. Why? Because booze. (If you ever have to ask why something will be okay, we’re going to give you a hint: the answer is going to be booze.)

This year, whether you’re going to that awkward co-worker’s Halloween party because you think the hot girl down the hall will be there, throwing a party yourself to meet your future wife while you wear a hanging Chad costume, or you just need an excuse to get a little tipsy while handing out candy, we’ve got you covered. From spirited takes on classics to a concoction that’ll raise the dead, there’s something for everyone on our ultimate Halloween cocktails list.


(Created by Jane Danger, Mother of Pearl, New York City)

Shake and pour over crushed ice into a Tiki mug.

The Ultimate Halloween Cocktails List for Getting Your Boo-ze On
The Manual, October 31, 2017